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Hope High School Online it is a free accredited online high school in Arizona.  We know that there are many free online school choices for your student, but we believe there is something unique about Hope High School Online that gives our students what they need to succeed.  It is truly hard to find another Arizona online high school free of charge that offers the personalized attention and numerous success tools we offer with the success rate we have.  Four out of five of Hope High School Online students go on to higher education!


Students and parents say that what makes Hope High School so different from other free online high schools in Arizona is the genuine care and connection with our students, the high level of interaction and support that equips them to succeed.  Care and support is ingrained into the DNA of Hope High School Online, it's built into our mission and vision.

- Personalized -

The personalized learning plans, flexible schedules, and continuous communication with both students and parents are at the core of why Hope High School Online is not just another free accredited online high school in Arizona.

- Award -

We also have award winning curriculum, with our ELA test scores ranking first in the state!    Hope High School Online also values community - our Arizona online high school students also  participate in sports, clubs, and community service projects because we believe that building character is also a part of great education.


Unique Educational Opportunities for Accredited Arizona Online High School

Arizona High School Online Doesn’t Mean Learning Only at Home… Attending an Arizona high school online does mean that students complete their school work from home, but that certainly doesn’t mean they only learn from home! With so many places to go in Arizona, there are an incredible amount of learning opportunities!  The staff at…

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Parents Create Success with Arizona Online Schooling for High School

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Are All Arizona Online High Schools the Same?

  Simply put, no. Not all Arizona online high schools are the same. The similarity is that students are able to complete their classes in the online modality, but the approach to education at Arizona public online high schools can look different depending on the school. Check out some of the biggest differences below. How…

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The Differences Between Arizona Homeschool for High School and Arizona High School at Home

Is There a Difference Between Arizona Homeschool for High School and Arizona High School at Home? Brick and Mortar, public, private, charter, and home-school are just some of the different schooling options students have here in Arizona. We are lucky to have so many choices for our students. Hope High School Online is of course…

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Is a Free Arizona Online Charter High School a Good Option for My Student?

The popularity of free Arizona online charter high school has definitely been on the rise, providing students with an alternative to traditional high schools. Because they are new, many parents can feel weary about their students making the switch. Although the option is different from the traditional route, there is quite a bit of information out there…

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Top Three Mistakes Arizona Online Public High School Students Make

Arizona Online Public High School is Growing in Popularity Arizona online public high school is quickly becoming an increasingly popular option for students seeking something less traditional than the average local high school. Enticed by the flexibility and pacing of an Arizona online public high school, students are making the switch. But before making the…

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Hope High School Online Graduation: A Night to Reflect and Remember

High School graduation season is here and it is in full bloom! High School seniors are turning into high school graduates. We celebrated with the students at our Arizona online high school, Hope High School Online, as they were honored during the traditional graduation ceremonies. We believe that the celebration is just as important at…

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Free Arizona Online Charter High School Attends Student Leadership Day

HHSO Attends Student Leadership Day at Grand Canyon University Inspiring, motivational, fun, and helpful are all words to describe the Arizona Youth Leadership Day held at Grand Canyon University last Friday. Students from around the state gathered to participate in the event sponsored by the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family. The students participated…

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Online High School AZ Students’ Go On Adventure to California’s Magic Mountain

How many online high school AZ students can say that they go on field trips? Let alone, out of state field trips.  And, even further than that, an amusement park?! Online School AZ Students Take a Trip with Sister School to California Well, Hope High School Online can! Last weekend a handful of our online…

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