Meet Hope High School Online Staff

Hope High School Online principal

Principal Erin Horn

Mrs. Horn is a passionate educator with fifteen years of classroom experience prior to moving into a leadership role in administration. Mrs. Horn earned her undergraduate degree in International Studies with a Development Emphasis. Her travels in developing countries taught her the value of education, its’ impact and positive effect it can create for individuals, families, and communities. Upon graduation, she naturally fell into teaching and obtained her teaching credentials. While teaching, Mrs. Horn continued learning and achieving by earning two Masters' Degrees from Northern Arizona University including a Masters of Educational Leadership and a Masters in Bilingual and Multicultural Education. Her experiences and education have shaped Mrs. Horn into an educator focused on creatively engaging students to find their passion and enthusiasm for learning. Firmly believing in the potential of every student, Mrs. Horn continuously strives to lead a staff that is attentive to student needs and committed to the success of Hope High School Online’s students.


Hope High School Online operates under the oversight of Blueprint Education, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1969 that offers 7-12th grade students innovative educational opportunities to maximize each student's educational journey and equip them for a successful future.

Mark French - Chief Executive Officer

For over 28 years I have served at Blueprint Education, the organization that operates Hope High School Online. I am passionate about establishing self-directed, cross-functional teams of students and staff who are empowered to innovate. I believe the best decisions are made by those closest to the action. I love to see our students prepare for their next phase in life.

Mrs. Dawson Williams - English Teacher

I have been a teacher for over 15 years, teaching sixth grade through high school. I graduated from Ohio Dominican College with a Bachelors in Elementary Education and received my Masters of Arts in Teacher Leadership from Grand Canyon University, with an emphasis on teaching high school students. My studies have equipped me to understand teenagers, their learning styles, and abilities. This helps me customize their assignments when needed. I am passionate about teaching and I continue to educate myself on new and effective strategies for teaching online students.    
Mr. Ortega Math teacher, Hope High School Online

Mr. Ortega - Math Teacher

I graduated with honors from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education degree.  Teaching online creates web-based resources for our students that are unavailable in a traditional classroom. I’m proud to be a part of a hard working, innovative team that committed to helping our students, and offering technology that can improve for students.

Mr. Blakely - Social Studies Teacher

I have over twenty-two years of teaching experience. My areas of passion and expertise are History and Government. I earned my Bachelors degree from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN, and Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix. My philosophy is that students succeed through personal relationships. It is what drives every teacher and student to want success.  What makes Hope High School Online really great is genuinely listening to the student's needs, learn about them, and are committed to their academic and personal success.  We truly love what we do.

Ms. Greenspan - Elective Teacher

I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing. I have a love for education and want to make a difference in the lives of others, so I pursued a teaching certificate in elementary education from Arizona State University. I then went on to receive my Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at Arizona State University in 1998 and received my English as a Second Language endorsement shortly after. I have taught at various levels ranging from 1st grade to college courses throughout my teaching career. I have been teaching students online in various roles since 2001.
Elizabeth Rohrer Hope High School Online Staff

Elizabeth Rohrer - Community Liason

I received my Bachelors of Arts in Education, with a focus on Education and Political Science from Arizona State University. Prior to graduation, I interned at Hope High School. While interning, I saw how much this high school truly cares about their students. I have never seen a school that is so invested in developing the student as a whole person.

Rebecca Searles - Data and Reporting Coordinator

I have worked for Hope High School Online for over 12 years . I am committed to diligence and excellence in meeting state standards for school compliance.  I also work diligently to ensure that our parents and students have a very positive experience with Hope High School Online.

Jillian Oetter - Student Support Specialist

I received my teaching degree from Wayland Baptist University in 2007.   I love being a teacher and after teaching in traditional classrooms for many years, I joined Blueprint Education as a student support specialist in 2015.   I greatly enjoy helping students learn and reach their goals.

Jessica Barrios - Student Support Specialist

I have been working in education for twenty years, serving in the student support role in an online setting in both secondary and higher education.  It is personally rewarding when I am able to help students achieve their educational goals through maintaining personal relationships with each students.

Student Testimonials

Portrait of teen boy chatting on laptop in park.

Success When Traditional Schools Didn't Work

Jose: “You have no idea how meaningful what you've done for me is. I've been to 2 different schools (traditional schools) and teachers there would NEVER in a million years have done what you have. Thank you!”
online high school teenagers success


“I overcame my mental battles and found worth in myself. I managed to graduate high school, while going to college, having a job, volunteering with Relay for Life and Miracle League of Arizona, and go to my church/Young Life organizations all within the same time frame.”

 - Emily

“Thank you for providing me the schedule these past couple years to develop my interests, personal well-being, and relationship with education. My teachers at Higley pushed for me to join an online school as my lack of creative control was developing a worn and negative state over my head.  I am indebted in Hope Online's generosity for providing this for me, the understanding and warmth that omits from the staff is groundbreaking to me! Thank you!”

- Brittany

“I am a student diagnosed with autism, and have a high level for ADHD. I was struggling with transferring from class to class, and would disappoint teachers left and right. But coming to this school has made my life have a new light that shines, and helped me learn and become the person I want to be. Thanks Hope High School!”

- Amanda


I am continuing to improve!

Cheyenne: I can't thank Hope High for how much support they give you. Went in today for help on a test and everything went better than ever. This school has helped me soo much since I've been enrolled. Thank you for all of your help and support. I can't thank you enough!!!”