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Arizona high school at home; Arizona high school at homeHow can Hope High School Online Help You Home School for High School?

If you are interested in your student attending Arizona high school at home, we have the perfect solution!

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Hope High School Online is a free Arizona online high school.  All  courses are free, and there are no books to buy.  There is no need to pay for expensive home school curriculum. Hope High School Online provides modern online educational resources so that you can deliver high quality Arizona high school at home for your student.   Our school is approved by the Arizona State Board of Charter Schools and accredited through AdvancEd.  As a publicly funded school, students need to meet public school requirements including attendance, home school credit evaluation, and academic testing. Hope High School Online courses meet state and national academic standards, and universities accept the core courses for admission. Once your student graduates, higher education institutions will recognize the validity of their high school diploma.
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Positive, Safe Learning Environment

If school safety or negative influences at school are reasons you are considering Arizona high school at home, rest assured that Hope High School Online offers a highly supportive, positive learning environment.  Your student can learn in the safety of your own home, and then engage socially with the clubs, activities, and even sports that Hope High School Online offers. Our staff is very engaged with every student and stays in close communication with parents as well.  You will receive a weekly progress report so there is never a question about how well your student is doing. This offers you the best of both worlds, Arizona home school for high school, and all of the support of professional, certified teachers and staff.
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High Quality Academics

Hope High School Online offers award winning curriculum.  Additionally, every student is given a personalized learning plan to empower him/her to own their own education, take responsibility for outcomes, and succeed academically. Many Arizona high school students come to us behind the curve academically.  With engaging curriculum and a high level of support, four out of five Hope High School students go on to higher education! It really is a unique environment that students thrive in.  One of our parents recently shared this: "Hope High School Online has helped my daughter in ALL subjects.  The school has worked with both of our schedules, and the tutoring the school provides is excellent.  The school has a great understanding of my daughter's needs and they are always in close contact with us." - Irene
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