Arizona Public Online School is a Great Choice for School Safety

Arizona online public school students

Eliminating Physical Safety Threats

School safety has become a significant concern for both Arizona high school students and their parents. Many are searching for an alternative to eliminate safety threats and are considering Arizona public online school. Emotional and physical safety of students has a proven link to more positive educational outcomes. The peace of mind that comes with a safer learning environment helps students focus their attention on learning.

Emotional Safety Threats Also Negatively Impact Learning

In addition to eliminating physical safety threats, emotional safety threats also negatively impact the ability for Arizona high school students to be successful. Emotionally unsafe schools have proven links to poor reading outcomes, among other negative impacts. What makes a high school environment emotionally unsafe? One example is the prevalence of drugs and bullying on high school campuses cause significant concern to both students and their families. Arizona public online school attendance continues to grow, as students and families recognize it as a high quality, modern solution for safe high school education. As a matter of fact, over 40% of students in one survey choose public online school because of safety and bullying issues.

Hope High School Online Offers a Positive, Safer Learning Environment

Hope High School Online is an Arizona public online school that offers a more positive, safer learning environment than many ground based campuses. Hope High School Online provides the environmental control that many parents hope for, along with award winning curriculum that prepares high school students to succeed in their higher education endeavors.

Read our info kit page with additional information about how Arizona public online high school education at Hope High School Online works. You can also reach out to us by e-mail us at or call us at 602-674-5555. We’d love to hear what your needs are and find out how we can help your high school experience be a success!

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