BLOG SERIES #5 of 5… THE DIFFERENCE – Online High School Versus Doing High School Online

3. Where Did The Time Go?

Yes, this is a given and it happens, every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month, every year, and so on. Here’s a question for you…how old were you about 4 years ago? Do you remember the things you did and the things you learned? Do you remember what you wore back then? Your hairstyle? In the four years since, did you ever think that you would be the person you are right now? Could you imagine being the person you are right now, four years ago? This is just to say that time is a constant and it is a forward-moving constant. It doesn’t stop or take a timeout or pause for a station break. Every decision you make for yourself has consequences, good, bad or sometimes neither. The more you let time slip away from you, the more you will wish you had it back to do things either over again or change completely. Time, your time, is a very precious commodity. The worst thing you could do for yourself is to just sit on it and think that you have enough of it. It may seem that way right now but each year that passes, life will seem to speed up just a bit until another four years go by, or another 10 years pass. Think about the seconds in your life. Every second can be an awesome opportunity to try something new, to learn something new, to see something new, and to make a larger impact in the world than today. It’s your call and it’s now your move.