Get College Ready During The Summer.

Enrolling in summer school at Hope High School Online in Arizona is a fantastic way to be better prepared for college and earn additional credits for your transcripts. Enroll now in summer school online to start June 1st.  Take on an academic challenge, get ahead or get back on track, and even earn college credits!

Our free online high school in Arizona is excited to offer summer school starting June 1st, all from the comfort and safety of your own home! Learn with a flexible schedule, no daily requirements. You make your own schedule that fits your needs, on your time. Hope High School Online teachers and coaches will provide amazing support to help you get to where you want to be academically. Be better prepared for your future and learn more like a college student with online summer school at Hope High School Online.

How Summer School can Prepare You to be Successful in College 

Summer school at our online high school in Arizona not only can help you catch up on missed credits or get ahead of schedule for your classes but can also teach you very valuable lessons that will be helpful for higher education. 

Some amazing benefits of taking summer school classes at Hope High School Online are-

Learning online gets high school students accustomed to how many students learn at the collegiate level at most universities. It is a great idea to get comfortable working on an online platform before college. Students also learn how to keep themselves accountable, set up a schedule, plan assignments, and stay on track studying at online summer school.

Hope High School Online offers a wide range of elective and general courses to round out your transcript. Some universities or degree programs require specific high school courses to be completed before applying. Make sure to check out your college’s requirements for enrollment, and we can get you to where you need to be to apply! Explore online courses available at Hope High School Online HERE.

Earn college credits! What better way to prepare for college than by earning college credit while still in high school. Apply to colleges with the academic edge of already earning college credits. Work closely with your academic coach, who is your main point of contact at HHSO, to learn more about earning college credits during online high school.

If you didn’t get everything you needed with school ending so abruptly, you can gain a deeper understanding of concepts and subjects before going back to school this fall, and certainly before heading to college.  Hope High School Online offers high levels of teacher support, and tutoring is also available at Hope High School Online. Students interact with their teachers over the phone, on online video and chat, or in person. With extra support and tutoring available at HHSO, students have the tools to be successful at our Arizona online high school and in higher education. It’s why 4 out of 5 students at Hope High School Online go on to higher education – students succeed here.

At Hope High School Online, we are the better online high school in Arizona designed just for you. Powered by an incredible team that is truly available so you’re never alone or frustrated. This free online high school is specifically designed for individuals and ranked the #4 best online high school in Arizona by Niche. Our curriculum uses an instructional model grounded in research and aligned to state standards. Enrolling is simple. Questions? The best part, you can start right away, no waiting! We don’t run in cohorts, we don’t have homeroom check-ins, and we don’t require daily zoom calls! You will work on your classes when you want; not when the teacher says to work. It’s truly self-paced and works into your own schedule. Contact us; we’re here to help. Come and experience why our online high school is uniquely tailored for YOU! We are Hope High School Online!