Keep Your Mind Sharp During Summertime Fun At Arizona Online Schools

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Warm weather, summer plans, pool parties, and vacations are some of the exciting things that happen during the few months of summer. Sometimes all the exciting summer plans can become big distractions for students and their academics during year-round school. Staying focused and managing priorities can allow students to enjoy their time in the sun but also continue to excel at a very unique Arizona online school called Hope High School Online. 

Tips For Enjoying Your Summer and Keeping Your Grades Up

Block Distractions 

Distractions come in many shapes and sizes, and blocking the distractions is the best way for a student to keep their focus and complete their assignments and projects on time. While at the computer during Arizona online school, the countless websites are sure to distract any student. StayFocusd and LeechBlock are web browser extensions that allow parents to block their student’s favorite websites during school time and can unblock once done.  Turning off phones or keeping them in a different room is the best way to avoid the distraction. Before starting scheduled school time, look around the room and pinpoint possible disturbances, eliminating these things will mean better academic performance! 

Read A Good Book

Although there is plenty of reading expected of students during school, reading a book that is enjoyable and even motivational can be super helpful to students. Reading is always a great way to exercise the mind and is beneficial to academic achievement. Students should choose a book that is an enjoyable read, or motivational books are great reads to inspire students to be the best version of themselves and train their minds to be better students. 

Make A Schedule and Stick To It 

Making a schedule for the fun summer months and sticking to it will be the best way to stay on track for school. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the summer sun and hang out with friends after assignments and studying are complete. Set up a realistic schedule giving enough time for activities so it does not feel like the summer fun is slipping by. Procrastinating always causes more issues and time delays, sticking to the set schedule is key to staying focused on classes during summer months at an Arizona online school. 

Reward Yourself For Meeting Goals

Being motivated is crucial to successful schoolwork, and working towards a goal with an added reward is an excellent way for students to work diligently during their school time. Healthy snacks are always encouraged, but yummy treats at the end of a significant assignment can keep a student motivated to working steadily until the homework is complete. Also, a system that allows the student to relax for 15 minutes after spending a full hour concentrated on work without interruption will encourage students to meet the goals they set for themselves.

Make Sure To Enjoy The Beautiful Summer Months 

Summertime is all about swimming, BBQs, family trips, and time with friends.  Students should enjoy these joyful months! Everyone needs a time of relaxation to restore motivation in achieving goals. Being an excellent student means knowing when to step away, take a break, enjoy moments, and return with perseverance to exceed. 

Stay Successful During Summer at Arizona Online School 

The Hope High School Online staff is dedicated to seeing our students succeed. We are available to help our parents and students. As a year-round Arizona online school, we understand how the summer can cause distractions, but we strive to provide students the tools they need to continue to be successful! You can read more about the unique success tools for our Arizona based online high school HERE. If you have additional questions about Hope High School Online, please reach out to us by texting or calling 602-674-8344.

We also offer a complimentary informational kit that highlights what makes our Arizona free high school online students thrive. You can download the complimentary info kit HERE.  Additionally, Arizona high school online enrollment questions can be e-mailed to Visit us HERE to find out why our students succeed at Hope High School Online.