Hope High School Online Gives Back to Arizona Foster Children

Why the name Hope High School Online? The name Hope High School Online may seem like a unique name for a school.  For the students and staff, it’s definitely not! It’s because Hope High School Online is an Arizona online school for grades 7-12 that sparks hope within our students. It could be hope directed … Read more

Arizona Online High School Students Prepare for Successful Future

Eight out of ten Arizona online high school students at Hope High School Online go on to higher education.  There are numerous options for Hope High School Online’s graduating seniors.  College, vocational training, apprenticeship, career, job, community college, and military are just some of the possibilities for graduating  online high school seniors. At high school … Read more

Can An Arizona Online High School Truly Know Their Students?

Thoughts from Principal Horn About Hope High School Online – an Arizona Online High School As the principal of Hope High School Online, an Arizona online high school, I can simply answer that question by saying ABSOLUTELY! Why shouldn’t we still get to know our students, even if we are communicating through a virtual world? … Read more

Our Online High School is a GREAT Solution for Personalized Support

Online high school might be YOUR student’s solution. In a traditional high school classroom, it can be difficult to get the personalized support students need.  Whether the class size is too large, your student doesn’t feel comfortable asking questions, or the teacher doesn’t provide enough opportunity to get everyone’s questions answered, students sometimes flounder as … Read more