Agriscience II: Sustaining Human Life *

Science and technology are revolutionizing may areas of our lives, and agriculture is no exception! From aquaculture to genetic engineering, agriscience is finding new ways to better produce and manage plants, from the field to the garden. In Agriscience II, you’ll build on your existing knowledge of plant science and delve deeper into important areas such as soil science and weed management. 

Agriscience II covers the following concepts:

  • Introduction to Horticulture and Plant Science including the studies of defining horticulture, emerging technologies and workplace safety
  • Identifying and Classifying Plants including the studies of identifying plants, scientific classification, other ways to categorize plants, and hardness zones
  • Plant Growth, Propagation and Development including the studies of propagation vs reproduction, asexual propagation, sexual propagation and normal plant growth and development
  • Soil Science including the studies of soil texture, planting media and nutrients in the soil
  • Irrigation and Watering including the studies of the science of irrigation and watering, types of irrigation, and maintaining and repairing irrigation systems
  • Fertilization and Pest Management including the studies of integrated pest management, understanding fertilizer and safety and regulations for agriscience chemicals
  • Landscape Science including the studies of landscaping styles and maximizing water efficiency
  • Plant Management including the studies of transporting plant materials, harvesting plant materials and plant science in the future

* This course requires you to prove your ability to adhere to the expectations of HHSO prior to being enrolled into it. Therefore, coach approval is required.