Creative Writing *

This course provides students with a solid grounding in the writing process, from finding inspiration, to building a basic story to using complicated literary techniques, and creating strange hybrid forms of poetic prose and prose poetry. By the end of this course, students will learn how to discover their creative thoughts and turn those ideas into fully realized pieces of creative writing.

Unit 1

Lesson 1: Starting the Path to Creative Writing

Lesson 2: Finding Your Creative Light

Lesson 3: Fiction First

Lesson 4: A Fictional Place


Unit 2Lesson 5: Speech in WritingLesson 6:When Truth Meets ImaginationLesson 7: Finding Your Inner PoetLesson 8: Revision and PurposeFinal Exam

* This course requires you to prove your ability to adhere to the expectations of HHSO prior to being enrolled into it. Therefore, coach approval is required.