Great Minds in Science: Ideas for a New Generation *

Is there life on other planets? What extremes can the human body endure? Can we solve the problem of global warming? Today, scientists, explorers, and writers are working to answer all of these questions. Like Edison, Einstein, Curie, and Newton, the scientists of today are asking questions and working on problems that may revolutionize our lives and world. This course focuses on 10 of today’s greatest scientific minds. Each unit takes an in-depth look at one of these individuals, and shows how their ideas may help to shape tomorrow’s world.

Great Minds in Science covers the following concepts:

  • Vilayanur Ramachandran: Mysteries of the Mind including the studies of how Ramachandran became a scientist, a web journey and reflections
  • Bill Stone: Into the Depths including the studies of why explore caves, and reflection
  • Bonnie Bassler: The Bacteria Puzzle including critical thinking and web journey questions 
  • Joshua Klein: Teaching Crows New Tricks including the studies of BF Skinner and operant conditioning, and reflection
  • Jane Poynter: Inside Biosphere 2 including the studies of the biosphere and reflection
  • Ben Saunders: Exploring the Arctic including the studies of exploring extreme environments and a video
  • Richard Pyle: Into the Twilight Zone including critical thinking and web journey questions
  • Richard Preston: In the Redwood Canopy including the studies of the redwoods and a web journey
  • Al Gore: Fighting Climate Change including studies of climate change and reflection
  • Brian Cox: Searching for the Universe’s Beginnings including the studies of  particle physics and a web journey

* This course requires you to prove your ability to adhere to the expectations of HHSO prior to being enrolled into it. Therefore, coach approval is required.