Personal Finance

This one-semester elective prepares students to navigate personal finance with confidence. The course opens with a study of what it means to be financially responsible, engaging students in budgeting, planning, and being a smart consumer. Students learn about the relationship between education, employment, income, and net worth, and they plan for the cost of college. Students then broaden their study to include banking, spending, investing, and other money management concepts before exploring credit and debt. In the final unit of the course, students study microeconomics and entrepreneurship, with an overview of economic systems, supply and demand, consumer behavior and incentives, and profit principles. The course concludes with an in-depth case study about starting a business.

Personal Finance covers concepts in…

Unit 1: Financial Responsibility and Budgeting

Unit 2: Relating Income and Careers Understanding

Unit 3: Managing Money

Unit 4: Credit and Debt Unit 5: Microeconomics and Entrepreneurship