Psychology B

This course introduces high school students to the study of psychology and helps them master fundamental concepts in research, theory, and human behavior. Students analyze human growth, learning, personality, and behavior from the perspective of major theories within psychology, including the biological, psychosocial, and cognitive perspectives. From a psychological point of view, students investigate the nature of being human as they build a comprehensive understanding of traditional psychological concepts and contemporary perspectives in the field. Course components include an introduction to the history, perspectives, and research of psychology; an understanding of topics such as the biological aspects of psychology, learning, and cognitive development; the stages of human development; aspects of personality and intelligence; the classification and treatment of psychological disorders; and psychological aspects of social interactions.

Part B covers concepts in…

Unit 1:  Motivation, Emotion, Development

Unit 2: Human Growth and Development

Unit 3: Personality

Unit 4: Disorders: Classification and Treatment

Unit 5: Disorders

Unit 6: Social Psychology

Unit 7: Individual Interactions

Unit 8: Group Behaviors