Public Speaking *

Students will learn not just the theory, but also the practice of effective public speaking, including how to analyze the speeches of others, build a strong argument, and speak with confidence and flair. By the end of this course, students will know exactly what makes a truly successful speech and will be able to put that knowledge to practical use.

Unit 1

Lesson 1: Introduction to Rhetoric

Lesson 2: The Influence of Rhetoric

Lesson 3: Listening and Analyzing

Lesson 4: Speaking Strategies

Lesson 5: Building an Argument

Unit 2

Lesson 6: Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

Lesson 7: Speech Writing

Lesson 8: Self-Efficacy and Self-Esteem

Lesson 9: Body Language and Vocal Techniques

Lesson 10: Speech Evaluation

Final Exam

* This course requires you to prove your ability to adhere to the expectations of HHSO prior to being enrolled into it. Therefore, coach approval is required.