STEM and Problem Solving

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are active components in the real world. STEM and Problem Solving is a semester-long high school course that outlines how to apply the concepts and principles of scientific inquiry, encouraging the use of problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to produce viable solutions to problems. Students learn the scientific method, how to use analytical tools and techniques, how to construct tests and evaluate data, and how to review and understand statistical information. This course is designed to help students understand what we mean by problem solving and to help understand and develop skills and techniques to create solutions to problems. Advanced problem-solving skills are necessary in all science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines and career paths. This problem-solving course stresses analytic skills to properly format problem statements, use of the scientific method to investigate problems, the use of quantitative and qualitative approaches to construct tests, and an introduction to reviewing and interpreting statistical information.