Geometry A

The A Portion this course will build on what students learned about geometry in the middle grades with a focus on reasoning and making mathematical arguments. Mathematical reasoning is introduced with a study of triangle congruency, including exposure to formal proofs and geometric constructions. Students will then extend what they have learned to include; triangle similarity, right-triangle trigonometry, and the laws of sines and cosines. Students will also study other shapes deriving various formulas for circumference, area, and volume, as well as cross-sections of solids and rotations of two-dimensional objects. Finally, students will make important connections between geometry and algebra, including special triangles, slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines, and parabolas in the coordinate plane.

Geometry A

Unit 1: Foundations of Euclidean Geometry

Unit 2: Geometric Transformations

Unit 3: Angles and Lines

Unit 4: Triangles

Unit 5: Triangle Congruence

Unit 6: Similarity Transformations