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Maneuvering through the seasons of life, we can get stuck if we don't reach out for help. Sometimes we are juggling too many things at once, which can make us feel out-of-control. This link, which we are calling our "Success Toolkit", has been designed to help support you and your family work through this season. This three-pronged device is packed with wonderful ideas that are waiting there for you to take advantage of right now.

Explore all that is here for you! At Hope High School Online we are 100% committed to our students' success!  It is the reason why we provide resources like our "Success Toolkit" - because we know our students' success is more than just passing a test. We equip our students to succeed academically and in life to prepare for a bright, successful future.

A Place Where You Can Find Your Direction

Explore all that is here for you!
At Hope High School Online we are 100% committed to our students' success! A library is a place for seeking answers. It is the reason why we provide resources like our "Success Toolkit" - because we know our students' success is more than just passing a test. We equip our students to succeed academically and in life to prepare for a bright, successful future.


Health - Living With Emotions

About Health & Life

About Mental Health

Health & Life will be covering three areas dealing with Living with Emotions, Being Active and Self-Improvement. Sometimes we become imbalanced. We focus on just one portion of our life leaving another unattended. In our Success Toolkit, this link has dynamic means reminding you to stay balanced.

Emotional Support
Mental Health

Being Active - Going Outside

About Activity

About Activity

An important thing to consider is that it doesn't take much time outside to change your outlook on life. Consider some time away from screens and walk somewhere that you can look far into the distance.

Physical Fitness

Self-Improvement - The Inner You

About Self-Help

About Self-Help

One should always be growing and learning as we age. The richness gained through new skills and information can be priceless towards the quality of life. Here are some resources to add depth to your life.

Spiritual Growth

Mental Health

To get young kids to thrive in school, we need to do more than teach them how to read and write -- we need to teach them how to manage their emotions, says educator Olympia Della FloraCreative Ways to Get Kids to Thrive In School

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Post Graduation

When thinking about life outside of school what motivates you to do more? Daniel Pink, an important figure in education and business has an animated talk that speaks about "Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us." This relates directly to our V.I.P. program (Value, Purpose & Independence) at Blueprint Education.

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Ted Dintersmith has seen first-hand how quickly automation is eliminating the structured jobs in our economy: Prepare Our Kids for Life, Not Standardized Tests. You can get more with the full article here.

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Self Help

We believe we should work hard in order to be happy, but could we be thinking about things backward? In this fast-moving and very funny talk, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that, actually, happiness inspires us to be more productive. The Happy Secret To Better Work

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Educational Resources - Tutoring, Mentoring

About School & After

About School & After

School & After is a practical and relevant resource. We live in an amazing city and age that offer us a plethora of assets. If we knew about them, they could change our lives. This link will give you support in the areas of Educational Resources, Volunteering, and Post Graduation Hopes and Dreams.

Academic Resources
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Volunteering - Creating Community

About Volunteering

About Volunteering

When you volunteer to help where it is needed not only do you find the fulfillment rewarding but it works towards making you a giving person that can be counted on when looking for work and building a resumé of experience.

Giving Back

Post Graduation - Hopes & Dreams

About After Graduation

About Post-Graduation

The graduation ceremony is called a "commencement" which can seem like a formal word but it really means "to begin." This time is really about your new beginnings-not simply a celebration of what you have earned in the previous years.

More School

Poetry: A simple solution to math anxiety

Laken Brooks: As someone who struggles with math anxiety, she recognizes the importance of math to literature, especially poetry, and is therefore studying how poetry can help to reduce math anxiety. Poetry: A simple solution to math anxiety | Laken Brooks | TEDxEHC

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Stressing Out About Exams?

There are many techniques to understand and overcome the stress that leads to anxiety when you are thinking about an upcoming text or exam. Try these seven tips to beat exam anxiety!

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Calm Your Test Anxiety

Achieve Exam Success: A Guided Meditation to Calm Test Anxiety with Michelle. This meditation will help you relax and prepare to do your best on your next big test. Don't let test anxiety keep you up the night before when there are a bevy of other meditations to help you unwind. This is most effective when listened to in repetition.

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High Functioning Anxiety

Jordan Raskopoulos is a comedian, musician, and digital content creator. She is best known as the lead singer of The Axis of Awesome, a world-renowned musical comedy group, and YouTube Juggernaut. She is the creative director of Press Start Productions. Living with High Functioning Anxiety with Jordan Raskopoulos TED Talk (the shy loud)

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"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney

Spiritual Growth

Courage, Compassion, Connection. Brené Brown studies human connection through vulnerability... our ability to empathize, belong, love. Know yourself and discover the humanity around you.

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Financial Help

How to do a monthly budget. showing you the app I use to balance spending AND saving with success! Start your budget today and start winning with money for free: https://goo.gl/TzGsSE

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Physical Fitness

Let's Move! aims to increase opportunities for kids to be physically active, both in and out of school and to create new opportunities for families to move together. What does it take to get active? Engage in physical activity each day, a total of 60 minutes for children, 30 minutes for adults.

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Daily Living - Home & Family

About Home & Family

About Home & Family

Home & Family covers Daily Living, Personal Finances and Balancing Life & Work. No matter what age or where you are in life, this resource is packed with great basics that you can glean from over and over.

Parent Resources for Podcasts, Blogs, etc.

Blogs - Mama Knows It All  |  Modern Parents, Messy Kids  |  Moments A Day  |  Parenting.com  |  Tech Savvy Mama  |  The Realistic Mama  |  Kars 4 Kids  |  Raising Teens  |  Top Parenting  |

Podcasts - Mom & Dad Are Fighting  |  City Dads Group  |  Their Own Devices  |  Janet Lansbury: Unruffled  |  ParentLand  |  Raising Teens  |

Social media groupsCafemom.com  | Raisingthem.com

Daily Living
Committed to Success

Personal Finances - Budgeting & Saving

Finances & Success

About Personal Finances

Ways To Be Successful in life is largely determined by how you are able to manage your resources, especially your money. This allows you to have transportation and communication. Knowing the time/value of money. Understanding the opportunity cost. Root/Cause Analysis. Examples 

Dave Ramsey  |  The Frugal Girls  |  Financial Peace  | 

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Balancing Life & Work - Post Graduation

Balancing Life & Work

About Life/Work Balance

We have as promised, collected a small list of gifts for the man who deserves it. These 3 luxury items will make a man forget whatever mistake you did. We found all these great "gadgets" online and they are shipped worldwide. You need to hurry up, though. All items seen in this article are limited editions.

Time Management

Live Life To The Fullest

The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt