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Hope High School Online is accredited through Cognia. Cognia provides nationally recognized accreditation, the purpose of which is continuous school improvement focused on increasing student performance. Hope High Online students have gone onto schools such as ASU, Cal State Fullerton, UofA, and more!  Find out more about our high-quality academic programs.


Still have questions about enrollment at Hope High School Online, an Arizona public online high school?  Please be sure to reach out today.  Just call 602-906-4846 or text us at 602-663-8496. You can message us on our Facebook.  You can e-mail us at enroll@hopehighonline.org

Arizona Accredited Online High School Information

As an award-winning, Arizona accredited online high school, Hope High School Online values the learning environment that we have created that our students flourish in. We value the uniqueness of each student and respect their talents and abilities. The learning atmosphere at Hope High School Online is engaging, award-winning, and creative.  Hope High School Online staff works hard to create an atmosphere of open, supportive communication with our students and families.  The policies and procedures at Hope High School Online help maintain our high standards of quality, award-winning, and Arizona accredited online high school education.  These policies and procedures also contribute to a positive and productive online high school learning environment where all Arizona online high school students have the opportunity to succeed.

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