Hope High School Online Contact Information

Hope High School Online, an award winning Arizona online high school, is committed to effective communication with our students and families.  Our contact information includes the office phone, e-mail, office hours, and fax number.  There is also a map to help you locate our offices, where our Arizona online high school students are welcome to join us for tutoring and testing.  There is also an online chat function on the Hope High School Online website, as well as the ability to view the site in Spanish at the click of a button.


At Hope High School Online, we are committed to serving our students and family.  We believe communication plays an important role in student success.  Our dedicated staff stays in consistent contact with our students and parents, and we are very responsive when you reach out to us.  Our Arizona online high school students come to our offices for tutoring, testing, and support.


Schedule a time to come over, we'd love to see you! Contact us by phone or e-mail - we'll get back to you!  And be sure to connect with us on social media and check out our latest news so that you don't miss anything going on at Hope High School Online!  Please find the Hope High School Online contact information below: