Attendance Update

11/10/2023 - To start, we thank you for completing your Attendance Logs for the last few weeks. For this week, you will notice that the total hours shown is only 20 hours. This is because Veterans day (Friday) does not require student hours. If your student(s) worked on Friday you can still add time to Friday.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

11/3/2023 - As we move into week 2 of using the Attendance App, guardians will receive notifications this afternoon once the logs are open for approval. A reminder that logs should be submitted every week.

If you have received notifications for missing logs, you can simply login to the attendance app and submit last weeks logs. In the top right hand corner of the app, select last weeks log, adjust time as needed and click approve.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

At Hope High Online, we are continually striving to improve our processes to provide the best possible education and support for our students. Due to increased differentiation for students, it has become difficult for us to maintain a high standard of attendance tracking and reporting. Our goal is to create a more efficient and accurate attendance reporting process that benefits the school, our students, and their families.

We will be transitioning to guardians submitting student attendance weekly via an easy-to-use attendance app. We will continue to review attendance data regularly so we are able to provide the necessary support to students who may be facing attendance challenges and promptly address attendance concerns.

Guardians will be receiving an email from our new attendance app with directions on how to activate your account. It is imperative you complete the process as soon as possible to ensure you are prepared for when this change takes effect. Please click here to access our attendance page where you can watch helpful videos to familiarize yourself with the new platform and review FAQ’s. This transition will be starting the week of 10/22/23. Guardians will receive notifications on 10/27/23 once the attendance log is open and ready for submission.

We appreciate your support and cooperation as we work together to improve the attendance process.


Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, students can work on their courses any day of the week, any time of day. The Attendance Log allows guardians to click on and adjust times for Saturdays and Sundays. All submitted time should reflect the students actual work time.

Yes, guardians are able to correct/edit the attendance for previous weeks. Simply return to the Attendance Log that needs to be changed and follow the prompts at the bottom of the page.

Here is a guide to saving the app on your phone or tablet. The guide contains both iOS and Android instructions.

Guide for saving the app

Hope High School Online provides guardians with access to their student’s weekly attendance via our Attendance Log web app. Simply login, make any needed time adjustments and approve your student’s weekly attendance.

Hours associated to benchmarks, state testing, VIP, and school field trips can be incorporated into the hours total for the students course(s) on the given day.

Hope High School Online requires a minimum of 25 hours, unless otherwise noted. However, students have the freedom to make their own schedule. These hours can be completed anytime Sunday through Saturday.

Students can work up to a total of 15 hours and 45 minutes each day.

If the guardian forgets to submit an attendance log, they will receive reminders to complete missing logs. Please note failure to regularly submit the Attendance Log can result in your student being withdrawn from the school.

Student Handbook Attendance Policy

Attendance logs that are submitted late may not be processed until the next week. Therefore, absences may accrue and and an absence email will be sent. However, those absences will be reduced once the log is processed.

Guardians will be unable to submit attendance on days where students were not enrolled in any courses.

Students who are emancipated or over the age of 18 can be set up to submit their own attendance logs.

Guardians are required to complete the weekly Attendance Log regardless of the number of hours a student worked. If the log total is less than 20 hours, guardians will be prompted to indicate a reason. However, any missing hours will go towards the student’s absence accrual. By working more than the required hours in coming weeks, students are able to reduce their absence accruals .

While the log is opened up on Friday afternoon, you can wait until after your student is done working for the week to submit it. The attendance log is not considered missing or late until Monday.

The student attendance log will be released each Friday. Once the log is available for submission guardians will receive notifications sent via email and text, unless they have opted out of either.

Student attendance logs should be turned in by Sunday evening to not be considered late and missing. HHSO will pull attendance logs Monday for processing.

Only legal guardians should be submitting weekly attendance logs.

To simplify the process, Hope High School Online populates the Attendance Log with the expected hours students should work each day. The attendance hours can be adjusted by guardians to reflect their students’ actual attendance.

While students can earn credit for having a job and working, those hours can not be counted towards the students weekly attendance for Hope High School Online.