No Daily Zoom Calls  |  No Set Login Times |  25 Hours/Week |  2 Courses Every 7 Weeks

No Daily Zoom Calls
No Set Login Times
25 Hours/Week
2 Courses Every 7 Weeks

The Better Online School…

Hope High School Online, a premier free Arizona online high school, has been rallying around your needs since 2004. Our staff works together to bring you the best resources for an online high school and beyond. We find the best options that work for you. You create your schedule, you design the best self-paced learning environment that helps you succeed and you choose online courses geared toward your goals. If you are looking for unparalleled, real, and personal team-driven support, Hope High School Online is the better Arizona online high school. 

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The Choice is yours

What does your online high school look like? Your courses are self-paced and you can customize your schedule while integrating daily activities and school together. Choose elective courses that align with your goals. Your success is supported by a powerful support team of academic coaches, paras, and teachers.
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Explore Events

It’s not only an online High School, many events are available to meet other students and gain new experiences.  Explore new experiences such as indoor skydiving, culinary workshops, college/vocational visits, musical outings, financial classes, community volunteering, fitness and wellness activities, and much more.
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Look beyond graduation

Graduation is a big step and we’re with you. No matter where your journey takes you, our team will assist you with an exploration of your goals, such as employment, college/trade school, or military enlistment.
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Hope High School Online provides high quality online high school education for FULL-TIME ONLY Arizona residents under the age of 22.

Our Teacher Data
Fiscal Year20222023ChangeIncrease
Average Teacher Salary$50,980$52,742$1,7623.5%