Hope High School Online is an online high school based in AZ to serve students in Arizona who are looking for an alternative to the traditional Arizona high school.

Frequently Asked Questions about our online high school in Arizona are below.

YES! State testing is given in compliance with the Arizona Department of Education, students expected to complete state testing depends on their grade level.  Please be aware that students may be required to travel, in order to take the necessary tests. For more information about state testing, please contact your coach.

No, all HHSO courses are completed online via our learning platform, Edgenuity. We do not offer any paper materials.

No, Hope High School Online is a tuition free, state-funded charter school.

Yes. HHSO offers students support from our certified teachers and paraprofessionals for each course.

Yes!  Students are given 6 weeks to finish 2 courses; if you finish one or both early, we will enroll you into a new course right away.

Yes!  Hope High School Online runs off of a school calendar including days off for holidays, fall break, winter break, spring break, and a summer break.  However, our courses are available year round.  Therefore, students may opt to work during breaks to catch up or get ahead.

Absences occur when the student does not achieve the required hours for the week.  However, students have the opportunity to make up absences by working more hours than required. Students have access to an attendance report within Edgenuity to track their weekly attendance.

All HHSO courses  are done completely online via our learning platform, Edgenuity. Each course has a certified teacher who is available via email or by phone for questions and tutoring. Courses can be completed anywhere with internet access, at any time, but final exams must be scheduled and supervised in our office or via online proctoring with an HHSO staff member.

Students will be enrolled into 2 courses at a time. Any variation outside of this must be approved by your academic coach.

Students must complete  a minimum of eleven (11) courses per year to remain on track for graduation. Failure to make adequate progress could result in delaying your expected graduation date and may result in withdrawal.

  • Hope High School Online gives you the freedom to make your own schedule. We require a minimum of 25 hours, unless otherwise noted. These hours can be completed anytime Sunday through Saturday.

Our courses are set up to be self-paced; therefore, each student progresses through at different rates.

The majority of HHSO courses that you successfully complete are worth 0.5 credit on your transcript. These courses are one semester in length.

YES!  Hope High School Online will enroll you in courses to complete a graduation plan for a high school diploma.  We even give credit for sections of the GED exam that you passed.

YES! Hope High School Online is Accredited via Cognia! Students will receive a high school diploma upon successful completion of the HHSO graduation requirements.

No, we are not. HHSO course structures do not meet the standards that NCAA requires.

No, Hope High School Online is a true open entry/open exit program. Students can start the enrollment process any day of the week by completing the online application.

Students are required to pass a final exam with a 60% or higher within 10 business days of completing the exam review. These exams are taken with an HHSO staff member, in our office or via online proctoring.

Hope High School Online allows for students to have a flexible school schedule, however students are required to work 25 hours each week to stay enrolled.

There are many instances when students need verification that they are enrolled in school, such as for Social Security benefits or insurance policies. Hope High School Online can complete any necessary forms or write a Letter of Enrollment upon request from student and parents. However, due to the nature of our program enrollment in HHSO is not complete until the student makes progress online in their course(s). Verification of enrollment cannot be completed prior to academic progress being made.

Hope High School Online is a state-funded, public charter school which provides Special Education and EL services to students who need them. Online learning may be challenging for special needs students, but the Hope High School Online staff will consult with the parents and students to provide the necessary support.

If you do not live in Arizona or are over the age of 22 you may take courses through Blueprint Academy, our distance learning private school. There are tuition fees associated with each course.  You may go to www.blueprinteducation.org to learn more about BPA.

Hope High School Online will contact the previous school to acquire information regarding the expulsion and base the enrollment on the safety and security of all students.

A computer with INTERNET access is required in order to participate in Hope High School Online. Tablets and iPads are not compatible with all Edgenuity assignments and tests.

Hope High School Online is a state funded charter school; therefore, we must abide by the Arizona public schools requirements for school enrollment, which includes all students having up to date immunizations.

 All curriculum for Hope High School Online can be accessed via the Internet.  There may be some specialty courses which may require additional software, but these courses are optional.

Yes; however, we suggest you talk with a recruiter before enrolling.

Hope High School Online offers some very unique success tools for our Arizona online high school students.  You can read more about our student success tools HERE. If you have additional questions about online high school AZ based Hope High School Online, please reach out to us at 602-674-5555. As a matter of fact, 4 out of 5 of our online high school students go on to higher education. Online school AZ based enrollment questions can also be e-mailed to enroll@hopehighonline.org

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