Agriscience I: Introduction to Agriscience *

In this course, students will learn more about the development and maintenance of agriculture, animal systems, natural resources, and other food sources. Students will also examine the relationship between agriculture and natural resources and the environment, health, politics, and world trade. 

Agriscience I covers the following concepts:

  • The Importance of Agriscience including the studies of farming
  • Agriscience and the Environment including the studies of what goes into the environment, forests and aquatic life, and getting power to the people
  • Plant Science including the studies of the anatomy of plants, soil basics, building professional skills (critical thinking)
  • The Animal Element including the studies of livestock in America, horses and cattle, and legal and ethical responsibilities
  • Animal Anatomy including the studies of internal anatomy, internal anatomy and sorting out genes
  • Technology and Agriscience including the studies of the food industry overview, preservatives and additives, and critiques of GMOs
  • Careers in Agriscience including the studies of going global with agriscience, biology and tractor basics
  • Agribusiness and Management including the studies of selling livestock and commodities exchange

* This course requires you to prove your ability to adhere to the expectations of HHSO prior to being enrolled into it. Therefore, coach approval is required.