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Welcome to Hope High School Online!

Congratulations! You have just taken an important step towards your high school and future success.

We are here to support your online academic journey every step of the way!  Below you will be able to view an orientation video on the EDgenuinity online learning platform to familiarize yourself with how learning online works.


You can also find helpful information on our Current Students page and Support pages. We are confident that you will enjoy the convenience of learning on YOUR schedule, as well as how easy to use this learning platform is.  And most importantly, we are looking forward to sharing in your academic journey!


Hope High School Online is accredited through Advanc-Ed. Advanc-Ed provides nationally-recognized accreditation, the purpose of which is continuous school improvement focused on increasing student performance. Hope High Online students have gone onto schools such as ASU, Cal State Fullerton, UofA, and more!

Hope High School online is accredited