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Arizona Online High School Success Plans

Hope High School Online is committed to every Arizona online high school student's success, both in high school and in the future. Each student receives personalized attention and support as they develop their Education Career Action Plan.

ECAP= Education Career Action Plan.

Success in school and in the future requires planning. It also requires an understanding of each online high school student's unique aptitudes and skillsets. An ECAP can prevent an artistically inclined person with low attention to detail from trying to make it as a mathematician or scientist.  It also prevents a detail-oriented, analytical person from trying to launch a career as a nursery school teacher. An ECAP helps Hope High School Online students better understand themselves and provide the recommended direction for successful future career/training and education goals. It creates a path to Arizona's online high school success for our students while in high school and after graduation. 

Currently, four out of five of our Arizona online high school students go on to higher education.

Juniors and Seniors dive in-depth into the career and life planning process. Hope High School Online students learn practical skills that can be applied to the real world, including financial planning, career planning, resume writing, and job locating.

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