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Come find out why Hope High School Online is the right choice for your student. We're not just any free online high school Arizona based. Award winning curriculum, personalized learning, continual communication, plus sports, clubs, community service. It's a lively student body that doesn't miss out on FUN!  4 out of 5 Hope High Online students go on to higher education!

Meet our staff, ask questions about how free online high school AZ based works and what makes Hope High School Online students succeed.  It's not just that our ELA achievement scores rank first in the state, or our math 9th - we truly believe that what sets Hope High School Online apart is that we are committed to every student's charter school success and give them the support they need to reach their goals.  Not eery free online high school AZ based has the formula to help your Arizona online charter school success. To read more about Hope High Online, go HERE.  Please join us to find out more.

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