Education Flexibility

Want a More Flexible High School Experience?

Many Arizona high school students need more flexibility in their high school education than the standard brick and mortar high school campus offers, with our program there is an online school flexibility.  Whether it is work, health, family, or simply the desire to have a modern education experience that meshes with your life, Hope High School Online is the perfect fit.

Parents and students who desire a flexible schedule, a positive environment, and supportive, quality education choose Hope High School Online.  Hope High School Online offers free, online school flexibility education that is fully accredited. We provide award winning curriculum,  personalized attention, and the social engagement opportunities of field trips, sports and clubs!  We have created a high school experience that is engaging and uplifting that celebrates and empowers our students.  We believe it is why our students to succeed.  As a matter of fact, 4 out of 5 students at Hope High School Online go on to higher education!

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At Hope High School Online, we are the better online high school in Arizona designed just for you. Powered by an incredible team that is truly available so you’re never alone or frustrated. This free online high school is specifically designed for individuals and ranked the #4 best online high school in Arizona by Niche. Our curriculum uses an instructional model grounded in research and aligned to state standards. Enrolling is simple. Questions? The best part, you can start right away, no waiting! We don’t run in cohorts, we don’t have homeroom check-ins, and we don’t require daily zoom calls! You will work on your classes when you want; not when the teacher says to work. It’s truly self-paced and works into your own schedule. Contact us; we’re here to help. Come and experience why our online high school is uniquely tailored for YOU! We are Hope High School Online!