Find Your Inner Artist While Attending Arizona Virtual High School

Hope High School Online celebrated spirit week this spring. We hope you were able to find your inner artist and create something wonderful for art day. Art in every form is beneficial. Every student attending virtual high school in Arizona can turn their school space into an area of creativity. Put your drawings and paintings on the walls. Frame your writings, and play your own music while you are studying. Virtual high school sets the stage to celebrate your personal creativity.

Creative arts can transform the way a student thinks and feels during their education. Did you know that research shows involvement in the arts has positive effects on a student’s academic journey? Hope High School Online has impressive elective courses available, allowing students to explore everything that interests them. View HHSO’s elective course list. 

The Connection Between Art and Academic Achievements 

Sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz, widely recognized as one of Poland’s most acclaimed artists, said, “Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence.” Research demonstrates that art connects people more deeply to the world and opens people to new perspectives. Years of research illustrate how closely art and academic success work hand in hand.

You may not consider yourself the “artsy type”, but we believe that every student has creative capabilities. At Hope High School Online, we encourage you to become involved with creative arts in some way. When you do, watch for the positive impact it can have on the achievements you make in classes like math, science, and English. Reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skills can all be enhanced through the creative arts. Students can even improve their motivation, concentration, and confidence by expressing themselves through a medium of art. Check out our other blogs HERE to learn more about the importance of critical thinking and the positive effects it has on your education. 

Hope High School Online Wants Our Students to Enjoy Learning While Attending Virtual High School in Arizona

Hope High School Online encourages students to choose elective courses that help uncover what interests you the most, in order to help identify possible career options. Electives allow students to explore personal passions and enjoy their high school years. Students at Hope High School Online can try their hand in art history, music, journalism, computer programming, and even fashion design! Check out all the electives available at Hope High School Online

Our Arizona virtual high school students can also attend a vocational school in person, through our partnership with West-MEC, a career, and training school. Students can work towards a career while attending high school, graduating right into the career they have bee trained for in high school! Check out available West-MEC programs.

If you are still researching your options for an accredited, free Arizona virtual high school, download the Hope High School Online info kit, e-mail us or give us a call at 602-674-5555. We offer an award-winning curriculum, a safe environment, we support students and families, and our students succeed! Find out more HERE!

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