~ Jose (student)

“I’ve been to 2 different schools (traditional schools) and teachers there would NEVER in a million years have done what you have.”

~ Emily (student)


~ Lenor (student)

“The communication is great, I felt very comfortable asking any questions that I had and always got the help that I needed.”

My daughter also now can do her school work at her own pace and break up the monotony as she needs to. ~ Jenalynnz (Parent)

We are so grateful for HHSO and the staff that helped my son through the last few semesters. ~ Sandra (Parent)

I can never express how lucky we feel to have found you all and how lucky she is to have had this time to learn from you. ~ Brie (Parent)

The coaches have taken time to call and check in on my daughter and to gain understanding into why school was difficult for her. ~ Matt & Susie (Parents)

Excellent school! Challenging classes and wonderful teachers who go above and beyond for your kids! ~ Eric (Parent)

Didn't think that online would be right for me, but it turns out that it is exactly what I needed to succeed. ~ Matt (Student)