Algebra II B

The B Portion of this course will extend students knowledge of the real number system by working with complex solutions and factors of polynomials. Students expand their experience with polynomial functions, finding complex zeros and interpreting solutions. Students extend properties of exponents to using rational exponents when factoring, solving, and evaluating. Students will apply operations to polynomial functions as well as, identify zeros of polynomials, including complex zeros of quadratic polynomials, and make connections between zeros of polynomials and solutions of polynomial equations. Students will develop and understanding of a variety of function families. They will explore the effects of transformation on a graph of diverse functions.

Algebra II B

Unit 1: Radical Functions   

Unit 2: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions     

Unit 3: Nonlinear Functions and Sequences 

Unit 4: Applications of Probability  

Unit 5: Statistics and Probability    

Unit 6: Trigonometric Functions and Transformations