Biology A

This compelling course engages students in the study of life and living organisms and examines biology and biochemistry in the real world. This is a yearlong course that encompasses traditional concepts in biology and encourages exploration of new discoveries in this field of science. The components include biochemistry, cell biology, cell processes, heredity and reproduction, the evolution of life, taxonomy, human body systems, and ecology. 

Biology A covers the following concepts:

  • The Chemistry of Life including the studies of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and catalysts
  • Cell Structure and Function including the studies of the function of organelles, cell homeostasis, and plant and animal cells
  • Cellular Energy and Reproduction including the studies of light dependant and independant reactions in photosynthesis, mitosis and meiosis, cell cycle, sexual and asexual reproduction and applications of cell technology
  • DNA and Protein Synthesis including the studies of genetic code, DNA and RNA structure, and DNA mutations
  • Genetics and Heredity including the studies of genetics, laws of inheritance, acquired and inherited traits, and applications of DNA technology