Chemistry B

This rigorous course engages students in the study of the composition, properties, changes, and interactions of matter. The course covers the basic concepts of chemistry and includes eighteen virtual laboratory experiments that encourage higher-order thinking applications. The components of this course include chemistry and its methods, the composition and properties of matter, changes and interactions of matter, factors affecting the interactions of matter, electrochemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, nuclear chemistry, mathematical applications, and applications of chemistry in the real world.

Chemistry B covers the following concepts:

  • Reaction Rate and Equilibrium including the studies of reaction rate, catalysts and shifts in equilibrium
  • Energy in Chemical Reactions including the studies of energy, heat, calorimetry, and enthalpy
  • Mixtures, Solutions and Acid-Base Reactions including the studies of mixtures and solutions, solubility, properties of acids and bases, ph and neutralization reactions
  • Redox Reactions and Nuclear Chemistry including the studies of oxidation-reduction, types of radioactive decay, nuclear energy and nuclear radiation

Prerequisite: Algebra II A