Earth and Space Science B

Students enrolled in this dynamic course explore the scope of Earth sciences, covering everything from basic structure and rock formation to the incredible and volatile forces that have shaped and changed our planet. As climate change and energy conservation become increasingly prevalent in the national discourse, it will be important for students to understand the concepts and causes of our changing Earth. Earth Science is a course that provides a solid foundation for understanding the physical characteristics that make the planet Earth unique and examines how these characteristics differ among the planets of our solar system.

Earth Space B covers the following concepts: 

  • Earth’s Hydrosphere including the studies of surface, ground and ocean water, wind and water erosion
  • Earth’s Atmosphere and Weather including the studies of wind, storms, forecasting and weather patterns
  • Earth’s Climate and Climate Change including the studies of climate change and climate history
  • Humans and the Environment including the studies of air, land and water resources