ELA 11 B

This second semester junior-year English course invites students to delve into American literature from early nineteenth century through contemporary works. While critically reading fiction, poetry, drama, and expository nonfiction, students master comprehension and literary analysis strategies. Interwoven in the lessons are tasks that encourage students to strengthen their grammar skills and produce creative, coherent writing. Essay and project types include research-based argumentative,media analysis essays and a multimedia presentation. Students read a range of complex texts, including works by Paul Laurence Dunbar, Martin Luther King, Jr., F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sandra Cisneros, and Amy Tan.

ELA 11 B

Unit 1- Nineteenth Century Literature and Before

Unit 2- The Roaring Twenties, Modernism, and Postwar Outlooks

Unit 3- I, too, Am American: The Harlem Renaissance and Cultural Rebellion

Unit 4- Heritage and Multicultural American Identities

Unit 5- Globalization and the Information Age: Postmodernism into the Twenty-First Century