Environmental Science A

Environmental science is a captivating and rapidly expanding field, and this course offers compelling lessons that cover many aspects of the field: ecology, the biosphere, land, forests and soil, water, energy and resources, and societies and policy. Through unique activities and material, high school students connect scientific theory and concepts to current, real-world dilemmas, providing them with opportunities for mastery in each of the segments throughout the semester.

Environmental Science A covers the following concepts: 

  • Scientific Processes and Introduction to Ecology including the studies scientific inquiry, adaptation and biodiversity
  • Matter and Energy in Ecosystems including the studies of the cycles of matter, photosynthesis and energy flow in ecosystems
  • Earth’s Biomes including the studies of factors that affect climate, characteristics of biomes and individual studies of specific biomes such as rainforests, deserts and marine
  • Understanding Populations including the studies of population size, genetics and measuring populations