Introduction to Business A

This first semester introductory course, students learn the principles of business using real‐world examples—learning what it takes to plan and launch a product or service in today’s fast‐ paced business environment. This course covers an introduction to economics, costs and profit, and different business types. Students are introduced to techniques for managing money, personally and as a business, and taxes and credit; the basics of financing a business; how a business relates to society both locally and globally; how to identify a business opportunity; and techniques for planning, executing, and marketing a business to respond to that opportunity.

Unit 1: Economics

Unit 2:Cost and Profit

Unit 3:Business Types

Unit 4: Money Management

Unit 5: Taxes and Credit

Unit 6: Business Finance

Unit 7: Business and Society

Unit 8: Business Planning

Unit 9: Marketing

Unit 10: Promotion