Physics B

This course acquaints students with topics in classical and modern physics. The course emphasizes conceptual understanding of basic physics principles, including Newtonian mechanics, energy, thermodynamics, waves, electricity, magnetism, and nuclear and modern physics. Throughout the course, students solve mathematical problems, reason abstractly, and learn to think critically about the physical world. The course also includes interactive virtual labs options, in which students ask questions and create hypotheses.

Physics B covers the following concepts:

  • Waves and Sound including the studies of waves, sound waves, and radio waves and applications
  • Waves and Light including the studies of electromagnetic waves, mirrors, lenses and diffraction
  • Electricity including the studies of electrostatics, electric fields, Ohm’s law and electric circuits
  • Magnetism and Electromagnetism including the studies of magnetic field and force, electromagnetic induction, and magnets and magnetism