In this one-semester course, students use their geometry and algebra skills to begin their study of trigonometry. This course begins with a quick overview of right-triangle relationships before introducing trigonometric functions and their applications. Students explore angles and radian measures, circular trigonometry, and the unit circle. Students extend their understanding to trigonometric graphs, including the effects of translations and the inverses of trigonometric functions. This leads to the laws of sines and cosines, followed by an in-depth exploration of trigonometric identities and applications. This course ends with an introduction to the polar coordinate system, complex numbers, and DeMoivre’s theorem.


Unit 1: Right Triangle Relationships

Unit 2: Applying Trigonometric Functions 

Unit 3: Trigonometric Angles 

Unit 4: Circular Trigonometry

Unit 5: Trigonometric Graphs

Unit 6: Translations of Trigonometric Graphs        

Unit 7: Law of Sines and Cosines  

Unit 8: Trigonometric Identities

Unit 9: Trigonometric Identity Application  

Unit 10: Polar Coordinate System