Look Where You Want To Go, Not Where You Don’t Want To Go

Calling All Online High School Arizona Students…

“Look where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go.” It’s a lesson I learned the hard way on a mountain bike ride several years ago. Staunchly independent, raised with a zero-tolerance level for making mistakes, crashing into boulders and onto the ground rendered me completely incompetent, not just as a cyclist, but as a person. This internal working model told the story of my life.

Finally, one of my fellow riders, watching me wreck every five feet, enlightened me: “Andrea. Look where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go.” This is something worth taking to heart, especially being in an online high school in Arizona. It’s easy to be complacent while staring at a computer screen and not realize that you need to focus on where you want to go…instead of just existing in the present.

We steer ourselves past obstacles, and into a life by design, by looking where we want to go, not where we don’t want to go.

I really wish I was the type of person who heard what he was saying way back then. It was sage advice for a life well-lived. Unfortunately, the core belief that my character was somehow flawed because I made a mistake; I shattered a glass; stained my shirt; failed a test, or careened into cacti on a bike ride, blocked a mindset change. Is there something right now that is blocking a mindset change for you? Are you a new student to online high school learning in Arizona or have you been learning at an online high school in Arizona for a while now? Either way, it may be time to do a reset for yourself.

I just wanted things to be done right, I’d tell myself. Yet despite things being meticulously organized just so, things would not happen right, confirming my belief that I’m not right.

If brains are continually on the quest for answers (and they are), I must always focus on where I want to go with visions and words that bid questions of growth and achievement. What answers do you look for as an online high school student in Arizona? Are the questions you seek answers for helping you to grow and achieve or are they just keeping you in the present?

Designing our lives is a daily intentional process that requires mindful attention to thoughts going into and out of our heads at every moment. If we’re not looking where we want to go,- literally!- with what we read, what we watch, who we pay attention to, what we intentionally do when working on an online high school class, what our mind remembers, or what our memories rehearse, then we are looking where we don’t want to go.

We steer ourselves past obstacles, and into life by design, by looking where we want to go, not where we don’t want to go.

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