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Arizona Accredited Online High School Adds Agile to Student Education 

Why is an Arizona Accredited Online High School incorporating Agile and Scrum in online high school curriculum?   Principal Erin Horn at Hope High School Online believes that it gives their students the extra tools they need to succeed.  Innovative educators around the world are infusing Agile in schools and education. Hope High High School Online is one of these schools that believe academic success and life success go hand in hand.

What is Agile and Where Did it Come From?

Agile was introduced into the world of software development in 2001 to help companies deal with constant change. It focuses on flexibility.  It includes people and interactions over processes and tools (Agile Manifesto). The goal is to consistently provide value for the customer or end user. Agile teams self organize and work to improve products and features done through an iterative process. It’s about working smarter not harder. Agile creates a common language and culture.  This gives  teams the opportunity to innovate and thrive in a constantly changing landscape.

One might ask, “Isn’t this blog about education? What does this have to do with it?” And…this is the same question we asked when we started the journey of Agile in Education. Hope High School Online is an Arizona accredited online high school.  We are proud of our award winning curriculum.  Plus, our online high school students’ experience success.  Four out of five Hope High School Online students go on to higher education.  Because we focus on giving our Arizona online high school students the tools they need, they succeed.

What in the World is Scrum? Did You Mean to Say Something Else?

Scrum is one Agile method among a sea of methods. Scrum is a framework in which self-organizing teams complete work in sprints or a specified amount of time (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc.). Teams decide what work they can finish in a certain amount of time. The students meet quickly each day to review progress. At the end of the sprint, teams review what they have accomplished. The sprint ends with a team meeting aka team retrospective. When the next sprint begins, the team chooses what work they feel they can accomplish.  With the goal set, they start another sprint.


Now…What Does This Have to do with Education and Hope High School Online?

Because the world is unpredictable and always changing, we believe the style of education should prepare students to work in this environment. This is where Agile and Scrum collide with education. Teaching students about Agile and its culture also gives students an opportunity to develop 21st century skills that help them succeed in life.

How is Scrum Used at Hope High School Online?

Hope High School Online is one of Blueprint Education’s schools that use Scrum. Each Blueprint Education school uses Scrum a little bit differently. One of Blueprint’s schools uses Scrum for student government.  At other Blueprint schools,  student scrum teams complete classes together.  At Hope High School Online, we run our school using Scrum. It is the chord that runs through almost everything we do.  It gives our students the tools to thrive.  In conclusion, we continue to innovate and create award winning curriculum at Hope High School Online. Our goal is to be the best Arizona online high school choice for student success!

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