Student Leaders Are Being Built at an Accredited Online Arizona High School

How Does an Accredited Online Arizona High School Build Student Leaders?

Some people believe that it is not possible for an accredited online Arizona online high school students learn agileArizona high school to truly build student leaders.  But, what is a leader really? Depending on who you ask, you will get  varying responses. However, there is usually one common thread in the responses: Inspiring. A leader should inspire! Last week, that is exactly what our students did, they inspired!

Hope High School Online, along with two other Blueprint Education high schools, attended the Student Leadership Agile Conference. The event was hosted by Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Arizona. Over the past couple of years, BCBS has answered the call to work with our Hope High Online students. It has been truly inspiring! Our Arizona online high school students were led through informative workshops to help students develop leadership skills to take back to their campuses, but also harness for life.

The Student Agile Leadership Conference

It’s hard to completely describe with words what exactly transpired Arizona online high school students learn leadership skillsover the two day conference. It was so unique and impactful for all those involved. This conference was the second annual of its type. BCBS employees, along with Blueprint Education and Hope High School Online staff, led students through a series of workshops.  The workshops aimed at helping them develop skills in the areas of communication, teamwork, collaboration, networking, marketing, organization, project management.  Each skill was taught under the umbrella of Agile philosophy.

How Does an Accredited Online Arizona High School Use Agile?

Agile is a philosophy that both BCBS,  Blueprint Education, and Hope High School Online have adopted. It creates a unique culture centered around people, collaboration, and teamwork. Scrum was also an included topic in the conference as students learned the value of breaking down work into small increments. Blueprint Education and Hope High School Online have been a leader in bringing Agile and Scrum into education as they were both originally designed for software production. We feel strongly about teaching our students these values and methods because they help students academically, but personally and professionally as well.

Hope High School Online Students Very Engaged in Learning Leadership Skills

I observed students eagerly taking notes on important topics such as networking and then immediately practicing what they learned.  They networked with BCBS professionals, even the Chief Information Office of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. Lasting connections were made between students and industry professionals. It was incredible to watch as both groups were inspired by one another. Hope High School Online is incredibly proud to be able to offer such an opportunity to our students.  It gives them the forum to be inspired and inspire others at the same time! The opportunities we provide for our Arizona online high school students to gain life leadership skills is just one of many reasons why choosing Hope High School Online is a wonderful choice for Arizona high school students.