Eating Dinner Together Can Impact Your Free High School Online Student

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As a parent, do you ever feel like you are missing out on certain things in your kid’s life? Do you wonder how you can grow closer as a family? Recent studies show that eating dinner together can be of significant benefit to your family.  Did you know that grades and academic performance are improved for the students at our free high school online that have family dinner time together?

It’s surprising that making family dinner time a priority can impact academic performance, and we know how easily this precious time can get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, making family dinner a priority on at least three nights a week can be beneficial for the whole family, and your student’s education!

Just Because it’s Free High School Online Doesn’t Mean it Isn’t Busy!

Students can have very eventful lives and schedules. Some have sports practices multiple times a week, and others may have music lessons, work, or tutoring. Having the flexibility of making your schedule when enrolled in free high school online is fantastic, but can still leave families missing out on time together. Is your online high school student busy most nights? Or do they schedule for school time later in the day? Regardless of how a high school online student sets up their day, making family dinner a priority can be a positive addition to their life and their academics.

Why Eating Together Is So Important For Your Student

Teens that have frequent family dinners are likelier to get better grades in school than teens who have less frequent family time. Students are gaining knowledge, practicing listening skills, and improving communication during family dinner.  This positively impacts their academic performance and helps build important social/emotional connections. With many dinners together, teens are also less likely to be involved with high-risk behaviors. This can also help prevent anxiety and depression that are associated with high-risk behaviors. 

Dinner time does not have to be fancy.  Research illustrates that regardless of family economics, teens had higher life satisfaction as a result of frequent family meals growing up. Another helpful tip is that at dinner time,  have your family take a break from electronics. Although it can be hard to set down the phones, focusing on family dinner conversations can be an excellent benefit for your student and entire family. 

A student can experience so many positive effects just from having more one-on-one time with their parents or guardians. This time improves family relationships with mom, dad, brother, aunt, grandma – whoever lives with the student. On average, one-third of families with high school aged students only eat together once or twice a week. It’s time to reclaim this important family tradition. With a few schedule changes, family time can be a priority and begin to embrace your student, both emotionally and academically.

What Should We Talk About During Dinner?

“How was your day?” “Fine.”

“What did you learn during school today?” “I don’t know.”

How many parents have asked these questions time and time again that leads to the same conversation? Engaging dinner table conversations can allow your family to bond and enjoy time together, as well as build your student’s self-confidence that can begin to raise their school grades.

Wherever you decide to have dinner together, try to bring up a different type of question and see what responses you get from your student. You may be surprised how much they have to say.

  • I love hearing how you think.  If you could give one present to the whole world, what would it be?
  • I think it’s awesome when you help your (little brother, little sister, grandmother, etc.).  And, I love to hear you laugh! What do you think is more important? To be kind or happy?
  • I think giving gifts is so important to show people how much you love them. What is the best gift you’ve ever received?  Why?
  • I get really excited when I think about what the future could hold for you. What things are you most excited for in your future?

Even though these questions are not directly related to school, developing healthy dinner conversations can begin to build trust and strength between the relationship, giving your student the confidence and self-esteem they need for success.  Listening is so important, and while you model it for you student, your student is feeling appreciated and will hopefully learn to be a good listener as well.

Your Student’s Success at Arizona Free High School Online

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