Outdoor Activities for Indoor Learners

Changing the pace by changing your surroundings

This time of year in our area has the greatest weather in our nation. We see people out walking in our neighborhoods, kids on their bikes and neighbors working in their yards. The air is crisp yet the sun is out. It’s the perfect season to be outside. But when our activities, such as school work, tend to keep us indoors what can we do to keep the doldrums at bay. Here are a few suggestions to inspire you and your teens to get outside and still stay on top of those school commitments.

Change Locations

By just changing your location to do the “same-old-thing”, one can add some flavor to an old activity. Grab your laptop/phone along with your teen and treat them to a drink at a coffee shop. So many local places have comfortable corners for you to hang out with your beverages. Prior to leaving, talk about what needs to be accomplished and the amount of time so your students will have what they need such as prompts/information to accomplish the task. Encourage this assignment to be smaller so they can be successful with their use of time. Discuss it before you take off so your students will feel more mature while in a public arena.  Don’t use this time to talk on the phone for business or personal use. Make your child a priority by just being with them.


If your student isn’t driving yet, make them responsible for the directions without their phone in hand. So often pre-drivers never pay attention while they are being chauffeured to their destinations. Let them know prior to getting in the car that they will direct you verbally without the use of their phone. Give yourself plenty of time in case you have to backtrack. Be playful with mistakes. It’s a great learning time for this age group.


It is so convenient for our gamers to sit at home and interact with their video games. Sometimes they are playing with people from far off places. Find out about groups in your area that compete with each other. This is very challenging for teens to meet face-to-face with others they don’t know. This investment is worth your time and resources.

Just Move

Even our Smart devices remind us to move every hour now. With a tiny bit of planning, think about different ways to get out of the house at least one time in your day with your teen. They usually will resist but persist.

Hope High School Online has a plethora of resources waiting for you to take advantage of for you and your students. Take a trip with your students to visit us at our new location. All of us would enjoy your coming out to see our new place. Call 602.674.5555 and make an appointment to visit. It would be a great way to start off your new year.