It’s Never Boring Attending Hope High Online School at Home in Arizona

Career Development Day

Hope High School Online is always working hard to help our students identify their passions and work towards their future while attending school at home in Arizona. We provide individual learning plans to help our students prepare for the future careers they want. Hope High School Online and West-MEC work together to offer students the opportunity to prepare for their career while attending online high school at home in Arizona. West-MEC has many amazing career training programs for students to explore. This month, some of our HHSO students were a part of a fantastic career day discovering the opportunities available for a potential career in construction.

The Association for Construction Career Development hosted Arizona Construction Career Day earlier this month. This informative opportunity allowed our Arizona online school students to participate in many of the tasks performed in the construction field. Students were able to participate in operating construction machinery, welding, bending pipes, electrical wiring, paving cement, hammering and drilling, and much more! It is wonderful to watch our students get excited about their future and have the opportunity to learn more about a field they may be interested in. 

Students Are Involved in Events and Activities Attending Online School at Home in Arizona

Just because our students learn at home doesn’t mean they miss out on exciting events and activities! Students not only enjoy the benefits of our online school while learning at home in Arizona, but they also can participate in sports, community outreach, dances, and other school events. 

Our students enjoy a very positive, supportive school community, and they thrive with a customized learning plan in an empowering learning environment. A flexible schedule, ample teacher support, and personalized learning plans, and school involvement keep our students engaged, happy and owning their educational outcomes.

Our Arizona online school at home or virtually anywhere offers a high-quality education using an award-winning curriculum. Our courses meet state and national academic standards, and universities accept our courses for admission. Hope High School Online is ranked #1 in Arizona for ELA and #9 for Math based on AzMERIT rankings for alternative schools. It is an absolute priority for Hope High School Online to support our students while attending our school at home in Arizona as they gain the life skills needed to become successful adults.

Hope High School Online Helps Students Achieve Goals for Their Future 

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