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March 30, 2020

Greetings Students, Parents, and Families,

This morning, we received the following communication from Governor Ducey and Superintendent Hoffman regarding school closures and the remainder of the school year.

Governor Ducey and Superintendent Hoffman released the following joint statement:

“In alignment with yesterday’s updated federal guidance, today we are announcing the extension of school closures through the remainder of the school year. Today’s announcement is intended to give parents and educators as much certainty as possible so they can plan and make decisions. While this isn’t the outcome any of us wanted, we are grateful for the partnership of schools around the state, who have stepped up to offer virtual and take-home learning opportunities for our students. These efforts are crucial, and we recognize that schools are making every effort possible to continue providing instruction during closures. We also thank our legislative partners for passing legislation ensuring all educators and staff see no disruption in pay. Our number one priority will continue to be health and safety, and we will continue to work closely with public health officials to make the best decisions for kids, families, and our school communities.”

Although brick and mortar schools will continue their learning activities online, this announcement does not affect Hope High School Online in the same way.

HHSO will continue to fully operate although the staff is working remotely. Governor Ducey has set forth the expectation that online schools continue to fully operate since we are uniquely positioned to continue teaching virtually. Students are still expected to complete 25 hours a week and make adequate progress in their courses. 

If you need any additional information or support about meals for kids, childcare, special education considerations, learning resources for families and educators and more can be found at

This is a unique time for us all, but I am so grateful for our HHSO community and that we can be a constant amidst the quickly changing environment. I am confident that HHSO staff can be there for our students in this time of need. We are here, willing to support and still eager to teach!

In solidarity,

Principal Horn


March 23, 2020

Check-in from Principal Horn


March 19, 2020

Good morning!

I hope that this email finds you well and healthy!
This morning, I wanted to provide you with some Hope High School Online updates.
Because we are an online school, we are able to continue supporting our students. Our staff will continue working so that the educational process is not disrupted. As an online school, we are designed for virtual learning. Attendance will continue to be required; however, for this week, we will require a minimum of 15 hours based on our office closures and staff meetings. After this week, the attendance requirements will resume to our normal 25 hours. It is important that students continue working so that their graduation date is not pushed back. While many other schools are scrambling to organize online learning platforms, HHSO is already organized this way!
Another issue of great concern is state testing. If your student is required to take AIMS Science or the AZM2 this year, you will receive communication from our testing coordinator. We are anxiously awaiting more direction from the state regarding this matter and will keep you informed.
Our office will remain closed this week; however, our staff are still working and will support our students. Exams will not be able to be taken in our office this week, but they are able to take them with a proctor, postpone the test or arrange online proctoring with their coach or teacher.
As I receive information from the state office of education, I will continue to communicate with you as we navigate through such a quickly changing environment.
Although this is an unusual time, I am confident we can work through it and ensure that HHSO's students' needs are met. We care deeply for our students and will strive to support you however we can!


March 15, 2020

Good evening students and families,

This evening, Governor Ducey communicated with all school leaders regarding the Coronavirus and school closures. As an online school, this impacts us in a very unique way. While many schools are gathering online learning materials, our school is accustomed to educating our students in this unique way and can continue to do so.

However, we do operate from an office full of staff who work closely together to support our students. Based on Governor Ducey's communication, our office will be closed on March 16th and 17th, 2020. Our staff will continue to work remotely to provide educational services and support to our students. Please continue to communicate via email with teachers and coaches. The beauty of an online school is that we are experienced in teaching and supporting students in a non-traditional way. We will continue to do so throughout this time.

Thank you for your understanding as we do our part to do what is best for the health of our students, families, and staff.

Principal Horn