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November is National Inspirational Role Models Month, and no matter what age, gender, or stage in life someone is at, role models are influential. We have found that having a strong role model can be very inspirational for students attending our free Arizona school online. An inspirational role model can be a friend, parent, celebrity, or activist that inspires you to be the best version of yourself. During this month, take time and think of the role models you look up to every day. If you have a relationship with them, reach out to them to share your appreciation. If your role model is more high profile, find other ways to show support. A person’s character and ability to inspire others can create great impact to help inspire students to make the world a better place. 

Modeling Behaviors After Strong Role Models and Staying True to Yourself 

What makes a role model important? Take a look at the way they live their life. What healthy habits do they have? How do they make people feel? Patterning yourself after a healthy role model while keeping your unique personality gives you a recipe for success. As you succeed, you help others. Celebrate National Inspirational Role Model Month by practicing being a role model for others! Below find ways you can model inspiring behaviors- 

  • Demonstrate leadership and confidence by choosing to stay positive despite obstacles. Look for the good in others and in circumstances. Strive for others and yourself to always continue to better oneself.
  • Stand out in a crowd by being true to yourself and your values instead of compromising to “fit in.” People are drawn to others who are unapologetically true to what they believe.
  • Interact with everyone, being mindful of those in need.  Don’t limit your interaction to just friends or the most popular crowd. Keeping an open mind to learn from others helps you be a better listener and speaker. 
  • Show others that you care by being concerned and interested in their lives; this builds excellent character and selflessness. 
  • Be smart but well-rounded; walking into a room thinking your the most intelligent person automatically makes you the dumbest. 
  • Admit to your mistakes and embrace them. Never act like you are above failure or mistakes –  learn from them, and become better. 

Our Arizona School Online for Free Helps Students Find Their Value and Voice

Hope High School Online supports and encourages the uniqueness of all our students. We recognize that students aspire to different futures, and we are committed to help equip them to succeed. Not every student will want to go to a four year university. Some students need to work while in school and want to launch into a career as soon as they graduate from our Arizona online high school. Hope High School Online offers resources like West-MEC vocational school so that students can find a career they are passionate about. If students seek higher education after attending our free Arizona school online, we prepare our students for college with our college-prep track.

Hope High School Online is accredited and award-winning. Our students achieve academically and position them for future success. 4 out of 5 HHSO students go on to higher education because they are well equipped and confident about their futures. 

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