Physical Science B

This course focuses on basic concepts in chemistry and physics and encourages exploration of new discoveries in the field of physical science. The course includes an overview of scientific principles and procedures and has students examine the chemical building blocks of our physical world and the composition of matter. Additionally, students explore the properties that affect motion, forces, and energy on Earth. Building on these concepts, the course covers the properties of electricity and magnetism and the effects of these phenomena. As students refine and expand their understanding of physical science, they will apply their knowledge to complete interactive virtual labs that require them to ask questions and create hypotheses. 

Physical Sciences B covers the following concepts:

  • Forces and Newton’s Laws including the studies of gravity, Newton’s Laws and momentum
  • Work, Power and Energy including the studies of potential and kinetic energy, heat, and thermal energy
  • Waves, Sound and Light including the studies of waves, sound waves, and properties of light
  • Electricity and Magnetism including the studies of electric charge, Ohm’s Law and magnetic fields