Physics A

This course acquaints students with topics in classical and modern physics. The course emphasizes conceptual understanding of basic physics principles, including Newtonian mechanics, energy, thermodynamics, waves, electricity, magnetism, and nuclear and modern physics. Throughout the course, students solve mathematical problems, reason abstractly, and learn to think critically about the physical world. The course also includes interactive virtual labs options, in which students ask questions and create hypotheses.

Physics A covers the following concepts:

  • One Dimensional Motion and Forces including the studies of speed and velocity, acceleration, Newton’s Laws, and momentum
  • Two Dimensional Motion and Gravity including the studies of vectors, projectile motion, circular motion, and orbital motion
  • Energy including the studies of potential and kinetic energy, work and power, conservation of energy and fission and fusion
  • Thermodynamics including the studies of temperature and heat, heat transfer, and the laws of thermodynamics