Visual Arts A

The first semester of Visual Arts focuses on artistic techniques as well as two-dimensional art and three dimensional media and architecture.  Students will analyze how art is used to express commemoration, documentation, and narration. This is an on hands class where students will be painting a landscape, creating a still-life drawing, creating a relief print as well as an assemblage. Materials needed for this course:  paint (acrylic, watercolors, oils, tempera, or other paints of your choice), paintbrushes, sponges, digital camera, camera phone or scanner, variety of found objects and materials that can be recycled (old newspapers, soda cans, wire, cloth, feathers, old bike gears, etc.) Glue, tape, string, or other adhesives.

Unit 1: Introduction to Art

Unit 2:Artistic Techniques and the Language of Art

Unit 3:Art Appreciation: Two-Dimensional Art

Unit 4: Three-Dimensional Media and Architecture

Unit 5: Prehistoric Art and Ancient Art: Art in Ancient Civilizations