Unique Educational Opportunities for Accredited Arizona Online High School

accredited Arizona online high school takes Arizona high school online students on field trip to BiosphereArizona High School Online Doesn’t Mean Learning Only at Home…

Attending an Arizona high school online does mean that students complete their school work from home, but that certainly doesn’t mean they only learn from home! With so many places to go in Arizona, there are an incredible amount of learning opportunities!  The staff at Hope High School Online, an accredited Arizona online high school, believes that exploring Arizona offers many unique learning opportunities that enrich students’ education.

Accredited Online Arizona High Schools Should Include Enriched Learning Experiences

Arizona Science Center
Arizona high school online students have discovered that the Arizona Science Center is a great place to spend an afternoon or an entire day! Students can explore topics that actually relate to the curriculum they are learning in their classes at Hope High School Online. What better way to learn than to see science in action in a fun and engaging way!

Arizona Challenger Space Center
If you are interested in outer space, then this is the place for you! Our Arizona high school online students are able to engage in activities that connect the classroom to real life. From learning about actual space voyages to the laws that govern the universe, students can enjoy an action packed day at the space center.  At Hope High School Online, we believe that part of a quality education at any accredited online Arizona high school should include opportunities for student interaction and hands on learning experiences that put the joy back in learning.

Pueblo Grande Museum and Archeological Park
Learn about the Hohokam and how they lived here in the Valley and visit the Pueblo Grande village. Students are able to explore the museum and view various Hohokam artifacts. Students have the opportunity to visit the 1,500-year-old archaeological site, Pueblo Grande. Students have the unique opportunity to explore reconstructed Hohokam houses, learn about the ingenious irrigation systems, and uncover the world of archaeology.

Arizona Capitol Museum Brings History to Life for Arizona High School Online Students
This museum would make your Government or Arizona history class come to life! The Arizona Capitol Museum teaches about Arizona’s rich history. “The museum creates authentic educational experiences by offering visibility to political, social, cultural, environmental, and economic history.” Our Arizona high school online students are inspired when the history and cultural heritage of Arizona comes to life for them.

Biosphere 2
Think about walking through an actual experiment! Biosphere 2 is just that! In the early 1990’s, it was used as a closed system experiment. “Biospherians” lived in the biosphere as an experiment. Tours are available to see where the participants lived and ran experiments. There are also current experiments taking place that students can learn about or participate in any of their STEAM programs! The day trip to Tucson is definitely worth it.

Unique Learning Experiences Should be a Part of a Quality Accredited Arizona Online High School Experience

These are just a few of the extended learning opportunities at Hope High School Online.  Being an Arizona online high school student doesn’t always mean that the learning must take place online…..there are so many incredible places to bring the online learning to life!

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